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Hey guys!
My original colored pencil skull girl is still for sale! 200$ with free shipping worldwide! :D

Contact me via:

sign_of_death. by Lady2
All details on my Instagram:

Feel free to join!

mother_of_dragons_sketch. by Lady2
Yep guys! :D I've got a small shop here: - where you can buy some of my art prints.
I sell all my arts as prints - even when they are not on Bigcartel - just send me an email which drawing you would like as a print poster:
Original skull girl colored pencil drawing for sale!

Commissions are still open! :D

sign_of_death. by Lady2
All commissions (architecture, sketches, portraits) are open! With free shipping worldwide!

New project on my Behance: :D
So finally spring is here! :D Who's as happy as I am?

For this reason every drawing commission ordered 'till 5th of April will receive -15% off ! You have only 7 days to decide :D (portraits, OC, architecture, sketches)

You can see more drawings and vip on my Instagram:
First part of Warsaw sketches on my BEHANCE :D
Hope you like them!
Watercolors :heart: Probably I'm in love with them again ...
You can check new project on my BEHANCE
Finally :D Just finished the second part of my project.
You can check how it turned out on my BEHANCE
Omg! So I did it :D Draw myself to use it as a photo in my resume :D
You can check how it turned out on my BEHANCE
Yep! I just upload some well known and new ones from 2014/15 to my BEHANCE portfolio :D
Welcome in 2015!
I just upload some new stuff on my Behance. And it's Harry Potter! :D
If you want to see all my works from 2014 in one video visit my




See you in 2015! :D
If you want to see my recent and more up-to-date stuff - follow me on


Just in case you don't :D
Hello guys!
If you want to know what I hide in my sketchbook - check out my new upload on


Hey guys!
I know that now a lot of people take this negatively. But lately, I'm a little disappointed by stuff that appears on dA page.
It's like half of works are like a porn ... And I don't talk about nudes - I know what a good nude is.
But most of these uploads are just hard to watch ...
Maybe I must turn mature content on or something. But if I do - I will miss some great stuff from amazing nude photographers.

Nevermind :D Just feel like to write it down.
Probably I'm old fashioned :D
You can see some of my recent hand lettering stuff on



And thank you sooo much for reporting this guy :D
I know this is common ... But really? Cut out watermark? :D
<da:thumb id="494875916"/>
It's funny to see how people create their 'own' images from someone's :D
Please report this image.
You can see some of my sketchbook pages on



And stay tuned for answers from previous journal :D
Hey guys!
For a past few months I've received a tons of emails/messages etc. from you. Asking different stuff.
Many of them are the same - and I want everybody to be happy :D But sometimes it's hard to reply to all of you.

So here we are! New F.A.Q.! You can ask me about everything - comment this post here or on my Instagram.

I will reply to all of you! :D Promise :D