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Hello guys!
If you want to know what I hide in my sketchbook - check out my new upload on


Hey guys!
I know that now a lot of people take this negatively. But lately, I'm a little disappointed by stuff that appears on dA page.
It's like half of works are like a porn ... And I don't talk about nudes - I know what a good nude is.
But most of these uploads are just hard to watch ...
Maybe I must turn mature content on or something. But if I do - I will miss some great stuff from amazing nude photographers.

Nevermind :D Just feel like to write it down.
Probably I'm old fashioned :D
You can see some of my recent hand lettering stuff on



And thank you sooo much for reporting this guy :D
I know this is common ... But really? Cut out watermark? :D
<da:thumb id="494875916"/>
It's funny to see how people create their 'own' images from someone's :D
Please report this image.
You can see some of my sketchbook pages on



And stay tuned for answers from previous journal :D
Hey guys!
For a past few months I've received a tons of emails/messages etc. from you. Asking different stuff.
Many of them are the same - and I want everybody to be happy :D But sometimes it's hard to reply to all of you.

So here we are! New F.A.Q.! You can ask me about everything - comment this post here or on my Instagram.

I will reply to all of you! :D Promise :D
Hey guys!
I'm so happy that deviant.ART appreciate my last hand lettering as DD! :D

Check out something new! -…

I didn't expect so many of you want this calligraphy quote on your t-shirts! :D
So here you are!

You can buy it HERE

(different sizes, colors, types - for females and males!) here's the examples:…

Od course you can still order print of this one here:

THANK YOU! :huggle:

what's_bad ... - hand_lettering. by Lady2

You can buy a print of my latest work on my Bigcartel shop - :D

what's_bad ... - hand_lettering. by Lady2

Hey! To be up to date with all my sketches and other stuff follow my board on Pinterest: :D
Hey guys! I'm now on Behance too! :D
Feel free to follow!
Visit my Bigcartel store for some new stuff! :D
One of my original drawing for sale! Hurry up! It's only one :D

mother_of_dragons_sketch. by Lady2
Hello guys,
I've just updated my BIGCARTEL shop - so now you can order my other high quality prints :D or just contact me via:

the_girl_on_fire. by Lady2mother_of_dragons_sketch. by Lady2sketch_time. by Lady2audrey. by Lady2lords_of_time. by Lady2
Hello guys! :D

You can now order your Daenerys print via: (sizes available: A5;A4;A3)

mother_of_dragons_sketch. by Lady2
I would like to thank you all for the great support! So much positive motivation for further actions ...

Feel free to join me on instagram: - where I am more often. Yes .. I am addicted ... :D
Hello in 2014! :dance:

So I would like to invite you to read interview with me! I talked about my art tools etc. Hope you 're gonna enjoy it!…
So it's 13.12.31! I want to thank every single of you guys! For all time support, bein' here, all amazing comments and much more ... You give me the strength when I have bad moments.
So wish you an amazing all night time with your beloved ones! Hope 2014 will be much more better than any! :D
Hey guys!

is just around the corner! :D Are you as excited as I am? Unfortunately, there is no snow ...

I thought
I'd do a huge feature! To catch it - all you have to do is to paste the :thumb: address of ONE of your work. Of course it should be the best of the best of your whole year hard work ...
I look forward to them till 12.31

<span class="">Hello!
I did not expect that my shy idea will ​​interest sooo many of you ... :D
</span><span class="">At first I wanted to explain exactly what I mean ...
</span><span class=""> </span><span class="">As you know - how many countries, so many drawings brands. We do not always have access to a variety of cool products ... Probably </span><span class="">you have in your country drawing products that are worth of attention ...</span> And of course, who does not like surprises? :D

<span class="">I'm looking for the person who love drawing and that will be willing to take a moment to complete a few things.</span> <span class="">Between us we determine the amount in which we want to fit.</span><span class=""> And of course, we do not say what we are gonna buy. However, these will be things related to the drawing.</span>

<span class="">If you do not want to spend money on new things - is also the option to send your stuff. If you are not using them and they are in reasonably good condition.</span>
<span class="">We can also mix these two options into one. It depends on the willing person and their capabilities :D

<span class="">Are you still interested? Let me know in the comments what do you think ... :D

</span>Contact: or note here (Faber Castel Polychromos on high quality paper in a4 or a3 size)
high_vision_wip. by Lady2
<span class=""></span>