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Hello guys,
I've just updated my BIGCARTEL shop - so now you can order my other high quality prints :D or just contact me via:

the_girl_on_fire. by Lady2mother_of_dragons_sketch. by Lady2sketch_time. by Lady2audrey. by Lady2lords_of_time. by Lady2
Hello guys! :D

You can now order your Daenerys print via: (sizes available: A5;A4;A3)

mother_of_dragons_sketch. by Lady2
I would like to thank you all for the great support! So much positive motivation for further actions ...

Feel free to join me on instagram: - where I am more often. Yes .. I am addicted ... :D
Hello in 2014! :dance:

So I would like to invite you to read interview with me! I talked about my art tools etc. Hope you 're gonna enjoy it!…
So it's 13.12.31! I want to thank every single of you guys! For all time support, bein' here, all amazing comments and much more ... You give me the strength when I have bad moments.
So wish you an amazing all night time with your beloved ones! Hope 2014 will be much more better than any! :D
Hey guys!

is just around the corner! :D Are you as excited as I am? Unfortunately, there is no snow ...

I thought
I'd do a huge feature! To catch it - all you have to do is to paste the :thumb: address of ONE of your work. Of course it should be the best of the best of your whole year hard work ...
I look forward to them till 12.31

<span class="">Hello!
I did not expect that my shy idea will ​​interest sooo many of you ... :D
</span><span class="">At first I wanted to explain exactly what I mean ...
</span><span class=""> </span><span class="">As you know - how many countries, so many drawings brands. We do not always have access to a variety of cool products ... Probably </span><span class="">you have in your country drawing products that are worth of attention ...</span> And of course, who does not like surprises? :D

<span class="">I'm looking for the person who love drawing and that will be willing to take a moment to complete a few things.</span> <span class="">Between us we determine the amount in which we want to fit.</span><span class=""> And of course, we do not say what we are gonna buy. However, these will be things related to the drawing.</span>

<span class="">If you do not want to spend money on new things - is also the option to send your stuff. If you are not using them and they are in reasonably good condition.</span>
<span class="">We can also mix these two options into one. It depends on the willing person and their capabilities :D

<span class="">Are you still interested? Let me know in the comments what do you think ... :D

</span>Contact: or note here (Faber Castel Polychromos on high quality paper in a4 or a3 size)
high_vision_wip. by Lady2
<span class=""></span>
<span class="">H</span>ey guys!
<span class="">I just wanted to announce that I do personal commissions in color!</span> So if you want to capture moments on paper, people you love, pets etc. You know who to ask :D
I use Faber Castel Polychromos on high quality paper in a4 or a3 size.
Contact: or note here.

Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat

high_vision_wip. by Lady2
<span class="">Hey guys!
Just short but important information about my art - I sell all my drawings as a print! So all you have to do is just choose one of my arts! :aww:
Sizes availabe:
:bulletpink: small (A5;
</span>148210mm) - 21$
:bulletpink: medium (A4; 210297mm) - 30$
:bulletpink: large (A3; 297420mm) - 46$
:bulletpink: +large! (B2; 500707mm) - 65$

Paypal Accepted by Nonabolcat


Below I'm holding the +large! (B2) size:

audrey_print. by Lady2
<span class="">
If you want yours contact me via email:
or note me here.

Or catch me at:
<span class="">Hey guys!
Just short but important information about my art - I sell all my drawings as a print!
Sizes availabe:
:bulletpink: small (A5;
:bulletpink: medium (A4; 210297mm)
:bulletpink: large (A3; 297420mm)
:bulletpink: +large! (B2; 500707mm)

audrey_print. by Lady2
<span class="">
If you want yours contact me via email:
or note me here.

Or catch me at:
<span id="result_box" class="" lang="en">Hey!
I wanted to announce that from today - once again I take orders! So if you want to have a portrait (<span class="">mainly</span> because that's my favourite subject) of a person close to you, boyfriend, girlfriend - send me an email!


Or catch me at:
<span id="result_box" class="" lang="en">Note written under the influence of several recent situations ...
<span class="">, I understand that</span> not everyone can/like/love to draw - but that does not mean that some people have to treat 'drawing people' as children. A few days ago my friend asked me if I draw him a portrait of him and his girlfriend. I agreed without hesitation ... But when I told how much the portrait will be cost - he was angry with me<span class="">,</span> that I will not do it for free! I understand that it is my friend - but I spend my free time, energy, etc. on it. So it's no longer just fun for me. It becomes a way of life ...
I wish that those of us - involved in the drawing - were taken more seriously. Because it is a job like any other. Not sitting behind a desk in an office does not mean that I do not work as hard ...

The situation is very well illustrated here:

I don't do ART for free by Exileden
<span id="result_box" class="" lang="en">Will there be someone from Sweden? And exactly from Stockholm? Between 05/30 - 06/01 I'm goin' to visit this beautiful city ... However, I am looking for people of good who maybe have got some free space to host me? Only two nights. Or maybe you know any other cheap places?</span>
<span id="result_box" class="" lang="en">I wonder what is going on lately with all the notifications ... Many of you do not see my latest art - which also noticed a lot of people around here. </span><span id="result_box" class="" lang="en">Do you know why this is happening?
And the most important
question: how many of you got notice of my recent work?

Hey all my pretty dA watchers! ^^
It's April and we still have a tons of snow here O_o

So I'm gonna restart my old_new Instagram account. I will be so glad if you can join me !

:bulletpink: Hello to all of you!, after a long absence I'm back!

You have no idea how many things has changed during the last month! If someone had told me that I'm gonna be here where I'm now -  I would not have believed! I'm on the right track to go straight after the recent quite negative experiences  ...

It was very bad ... Now it's some kind of the positive light around ... So hope I do not screw up!

join me on facebook!

:bulletpink: So 'This Day' has come! Day when I'm older ... I do not believe that! All the time I feel that my body is getting old and my mind is still a  like a little kid's one ...
With all my heart - thank you for all the wishes! You are wonderful! :love:

Now I'm during my exam session etc. - so I'm gonna back in February!
Remember also that I make drawing commissions! More info here:… :happybounce:

If you have time - visit my facebook fanpage for more stuff :facebook:

:bulletpink: Welcome to 2013! I hope that this year will be brilliant!
Recent days were very intensive in terms of drawing issues. And during one of the 'training days' I made one of the colorful works. So it's for sell - if any of you are interested, please note me here or send an email:

:bulletpink: So the end of the year is approaching so fast! It's the right time to finish all the unfinished business. Time to start again! With a clean slate!
Year 2013 looks promising to me ... I'm going to sit down seriously to digital art. Maybe something will come of it ... And:
Also welcome to my new-old




of course ... I'm gonna upload there some new stuff and other weird things ... So stay tuned!

:bulletpink: And then came the days ... Someones are waiting for them all year - others avoid it like the plague.
Anyway - I've never been good with wishes ... So you must forgive me my weird words.
Thank you for all the nice comments, display, e-mails, news ... - all warm words. For every one I'm grateful and appreciate it. I wish every visitor the distance to certain things. To not expect too much - so disappointment does not hurt so much.
And don't forget about the smile :D

Merry Christmas!